Historical Timeline


A brief history...

1841 Sir Robert Ramsay Mackenzie issued a depasturing licence for the Tenterfield Run. Mackenzie became first colonial Treasurer for Qld and then 3rd Qld Premier at separation in 1867. Qld town Aramac was named after Mackenzie(R R Mac).

1844 Sir Stuart Alexander Donaldson acquired the run and is credited with naming Tenterfield after an aunt’s home outside of Haddington in Scotland.

1845 it was noted that 88 persons were employed, with stock of 460 cattle, 79 horses and 32,310 sheep on 160,000 acres.

“SAD” became the stock brand for Tenterfield Station.

1851 Donaldson and Sir Thomas Mitchell fought the last recorded duel in Australia over Mitchells claim to the area that now forms part of the town of Tenterfield.

1856 Tenterfield Station Homestead was built.

1856 Donaldson became first Premier of NSW. Donaldson son, St Clair George became the first Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane.

1867 John & William Christian purchase property from Donaldson

1875 John  Simpson and William Readett acquire property upon death of William Christian

1877 Thomas Walker became the owner. He was a politician, merchant banker and a pastoralist. Thomas purchased vast areas of Melbourne and Port Phillip District. He was elected to the legislative Council representing Melbourne in 1843. He was President of the Bank of NSW from 1869 to 1886.

1886 Upon Thomas Walker’s death Dame Eadith Campbell Walker became the owner and the estate was managed by trustees. It is reported that she visited yearly holding lavish functions. William Walker (cousin to Thomas) became manager of Tenterfield Station. Under William’s management the Station became renowned locally and overseas for its outstanding quality of livestock and produce. He pioneered pasture improvement and imported stud stock from England developing prize winning blood lines in cattle, sheep and pigs.

1891 Homestead was remodelled, reported in “The Tenterfield Star” standing on 30 acres complete with a splendid home of brick, containing 20 rooms, detached office and all outbuildings, hot house, lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, commodious stables and coach house, hay and engine shed, lighted by Acetylene Gas and supplied by septic tanks”.

1900 William Walker dies tragically after a riding accident, the management of the property passes to his son Thomas Henry Walker.

1903 Andrew Barton (Banjo) Patterson marries Alice Walker (eldest daughter of William Walker) at the Tenterfield Presbyterian Church, wedding reception is held at the Tenterfield Station Homestead.

1907 The Estate of Thomas Walker is sold at auction.

1908 James Lomax purchased the property. Lomax was a prominent grazier in the Tenterfield district, the property at this time had shrunk to 1,777 acres.

1924 George Dean purchased the homestead with the view to retire and redevelop as nursing home, however he passed away suddenly and the station remained in the Dean family ever since.